Sunday, May 1, 2011

Histology Slide

These are the pictures of the histology Slides taken by Afiq Zulhelmi, Arif Jamal, Dzulhelmi, Zainol Izzudin and Talhah Alkhair, Mohamad Busyoiri.

1.You may use these pictures as additional refferences besides the Atlas provided by Department.
2. There are certain slides that we missed which are:
  • growing end of long bone
  • sympathetic ganglion.
 If you guys have them you are welcomed to share here. contact the admin or 'shout' at the shoutbox with your real name on it.

3. These are not the answer scheme. It only acts just as additional information.
4. If you want 'downloadable slides including the real glass slide you may download it from it from here e- Learning Perubatan

In addition,here is the link for histology slide taken by arabic student.I emphasise these slides DO NOT OWN BY ME (admin). I don't have any authorities on this link thus any damage or faulty is out of my responsibility.

For picture of growing end of long bone and sympathetic ganglion (Ag) click here.
(credit to Afiq Fadhli)



Basillar Artery

Cardiac Muscle and Valve

Decalcified Compact Bone

Ground Compact Bone

 Moderator Band

Nerve Trunk (H&E)

Non Keratized Stratified Squamos Epithelium

Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium with Goblet Cells

Skeletal Muscle (longitudinal section)

Skeletal Muscle (tranverse section)

Spinal Ganglion(H&E)

Spinal Ganglion(Silver, Ag)

Spongy Bone

Taste Bud

Transitional Epithelium

Umbilcal Cord



Medium sized artery and vein

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