Menikmati keindahan ciptaan Ilahi di Sharm El Sheikh


"seringkali kita melakukan dosa, bertaubatlah selagi bernyawa di dunia ini"


"sollu alan Nabi Muhammad SAW"


"Merdeka pada hati jiwa itu lagi bermakna"


"Harimu adalah hari ini"

Friday, June 24, 2011


Total marks: 75
Section 1 and section 2
Time: 3 hours (kertas section 2 akan dapat dulu) 
Section1: 55 marks   

: one question labeled drawing with coloured pencil (5m) (10 pictures from atlas)
: one question in form of labelling of one drawing from atlas (5m)
: one short question with diagram (coloured or not) (5m) (6 pictures from text books)
: short questions (40 m)

Section 2: 20 marks
: MCQ and extended matching
: 40 questions
: only for second term subjects (CT, cartilage, bone, vascular, genetics 
  and respiratory)
: 40% from department MCQ book & 60% from text book

Tajuk yang keluar dalam diagram yang kena lukis: (10 from atlas)
1.    hyaline cartilage
2.    spongy bone
3.    decalcified compact bone
4.    LS  of skeletal muscle
5.     TS of skeletal muscle
6.    nerve trunk (h&e)
7.    spinal ganglia (h&e)
8.    sympathetic ganglia (h&e)
9.    aorta
10. trachea

Tajuk short question with diagram: (6 from text book)
1.     Olfactory mucosa
2.     Connective tissue cells
3.     Bone cells
4.     Granular leucocytes
5.     Perikaryon
6.     Classification of neurons


·         In the exam, we should have at least 1 question to make comparison or differences

v  Compare - should mention 1 similarity

v  Differentiate – only differences

·         Comparison or differences questions should be in table form

v  Table draw by pencil and ruler

v  The point should be separated by line


1)      CYTOLOGY
·         Molecular structure and f(x) of cell membrane
·         Histological features and f(x) of ER and golgi apparatus
·         Histology features, types and f(x) of lysosomes
·         Filaments

·         Mitosis
·         Meiosis
·         Human chromosome
·         Chromosomal aberrations
·         Barr body

·         Stratified epithelium
·         Glandular epithelium
·         Polarity and membrane specialization

·         Connective tissue cells with diagrams
·         Types of connective tissue proper; structure, site, staining and functions
·         Sites and structure of hyaline cartilage
·         Bone cells with diagrams
·         Structure of compact and spongy bone

5)      BLOOD
·         Differences between RBCs and WBCs
·         Granular leucocytes with diagrams
·         Non granular leucocytes
·         Blood platelets

·         EM of myofibril
·         Intercalated disc
·         Purkinje fibres
·         Smooth muscles
·         Differences between skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle fibres

·         Perikaryon with diagram
·         Classification of neurons with diagrams
·         Differences between sympathetic and spinal ganglia

·         Differences between medium sized artery and medium sized vein
·         Differences between large elastic and medium-sized muscular arteries
·         Blood capillaries
·         Arteriovenous anastomosis

·         Respiratory epithelium
·         Olfactory mucosa with diagram
·         Differences between extrapulmonary bronchos and intrapulmonary bronchus
·         Differences between intrapulmonary bronchus and bronchiole
·         Pneumocytes (very famous)[compare maybe]
·         Blood air barrier
·         Alveolar phagocytes

·         No limitation for oral exam
·         Include all subject
p/s: klu ade yg silap sile britahu cpat2 kpd sye.-aisar-

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Senarai English words.

this is the list of some words for English paper.
*u can just copy n paste. :)
Common english language error
· Accept/except
· Adapt/adopt
· Advice/advise
· Affect/effect
· Allright/all right
· Altogether/all together
· Amount/number
· Angel/angle
· Apart/a part
· Assure/ensure/insure
· Aural/oral
· Beside/besides
· Breath/breathe
· Cite/site/sight
· Coarse/course
· Compare to/compare with
· Complement/compliment
· Continual/continuous
· Desert/dessert
· Disinterested/uninterested
· Either are/either is
· Elicit/illicit
· Every
· Everyday
· Fatal/fateful
· Formally/formerly
· For sale/on sale
· Heroin/heroine
· Historic/historical
Technical and popular medical terms
· A
o A cancer-epithelioma
o A runny nose-rhinorrhea
o Action of drugs in the body-pharmacokinetic
o Acuity-sharpness
o Acute-severe
o Acute kidney inflammation-glomerulonephritis
o Adenitis-gland inflammation
o Adenoma-non cancerous tumour
o Aerobic, with oxygen
o Aerophagy,air swallowing
o Aetiology, study of disease cause
o Affecting the heart most, cardioselective
o After dinner, postprandial
o After childbirth, postpartum
o Agammaglobulinaemia, immune deficiency
o Aggravation, worsening
o Albumin, water soluble blood protein
o Alkylate- anti cancer treatment
o Allergen, substance causing allergy
o Alopecia, baldness
o Alveolitis, lung inflammation
o Ambulant, walking
o Anaemic, ferriprive
o Anaesthetic, drug to deaden sensation
o Analgesic, pain-killer
o Anatomical, body-related
o Anti-inflammatory, antiexudative
o Anti-spasm, spasmolytic
o Antibiotherapy, treatment with antibiotics
o Antibiotic, bacteriostatic
o Anticoagulant, substance that prevents blood clotting
o Antiemetic- substance to stop vomiting
o Antihypertensive, high blood pressure drug
o Antiinfective-disinfection
o Antioxidant, substance to stop decay
o Antitoxin, vaccine
o Antitussive, cough medicine
o Arthralgia, pain in a joint
o Auricular, ear-related
o Auscultation, listening to a stethoscope
o Autonomic, unconscious
· B
o Below the skin, subcutaneous
o Biosynthesis, formation
o Blood in the urine, haematuria
o Blood vessel inflammation, vasculitis
o Blood poisoning, toxaemia
o Body building, anabolic
o Body-related, anatomical
o Bone inflammation, osteomyolitis
o Brain inflammation, encephalitis
· C
o Calculus I, stone
o Cancer-causing, carcinogenic
o Cardiological, heart study related
o Cephalalgia, headache
o Cerumen, earwax
o Chronic,chronic
o Cirrhosis, liver disease
o Colitis, colon inflammation
o Contraception, birth control
o Contraindication, reason not to be prescribe
o Coughing up blood, haemoptysis
o Cranial, skull-related
o Cut, incision
· D
o Deafness, surdity
o Dermatosis, skin disease
o Destruction to bone marrow, myelotoxic
o Detoxication, drug addition treatment
o Diaphoresis, sweating
o Difficulty in swallowing, dysphagia
o Disease study-related, pathological
o Disease site transfer, metastasis
o Disease prevention, prophylaxis
o Dissolving blood clots, thrombolytic
o Diuretic, drug to increase urine output
o Drug, pharmacon
o Drug science-related, pharmacological
o Drug addiction, toxicomania
o Dyspepsia ,indigestion
· E
o E.N.T. –otorhinolaryngology
o Ear inflammation, otitis
o Echography, scan
o Electrocardiography, heart monitor
o Electroencephalography, brain scan
o Embolism, sudden blocking of an artery
o Emesis, vomiting
o Endoscopy, internal examination using fibre optic tube
o Epidermal, skin related
o Episiotomy, cut to vagina in childbirth
o Erythema, skin redness
o Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis
o Extreme fever, hyperpyrexia
o Eye examination, gonioscopy
o Eye inflammation, conjunctivitis
o Eye drop-miotic
· F
o Fear of height, vertigo
o Feeling sick,nausea
o Fever, pyrexia
o Fissure, groove
o Fistula, abnormal passage
o Foreign substance, antigen
o Frequent urination at night, nocturia
· G
o Gingivitis, gum inflammation
o Glossitis, tongue inflammation
o Glycosuria, sugar in the urine
· H
o Haematemesis, vomiting blood
o Haematological, blood study-related
o Haematuria, blood in the urine
o Hardening, calcification
o Harmful, adverse
o Heart attack, asystole
o Heart attack, infarction
o Hemiplegia, paralysis of one side
o Hepatic, liver-related
o High blood sugar, hyperglycaemia
o High blood temperature, hyperthermia
o Hypnotic, sleeping tablet
o Hypogonadism, sterility
· I
o Inactive part of drug, excipient
o Inadequate blood flow, ischaemia
o Increase in size of organ, hypertrophy
o Increase in blood fat levels, hyperlipidaemia
o Indigestion remedy, antacid
o Injury, lesion
o Insomnia, sleeplessness
· K
o Kidney-related, renal
o Kidney failure, uraemia
· L
o Laryngitis, sore throat
· M
o Medicine, medicament
o Melanoma, skin cancer
o Menstruation, periods,
o Mental illness, psychosis
o Microscopic study of body-related, histological
o Milk production, lactation
o Morphine-like drug, narcotic
o Muscle pain, myalgia
o Myopia, short-sightedness
· N
o Nephritis, kidney inflammation
o Nerve-related, neural
o Nuerodermatitis, skin damage caused by scratching
o Non-poisonous, atoxic
o Non-cancerous tumour, adenoma
o Non-production of urine, anuria
· O
o Oedema, swelling due to fluid
o Old age, senility
o Oliguria, abnormally small urine output
o Ophtalmological, eye treatment-related
o Opiate (opioid), opium-like drug
o Overdosage, overdose
· P
o Pathological, disease study-related
o Peptic ulcer, stomach ulcer
o Phlebitis, vein inflammation
o Pigmentation, skin colouring
o Poison, toxic
o Postmenopausal, postmonopausal
o Potency, sexual ability
o Prostatitis, prostate inflammation
o Prosthesis, artificial limb
· R
o Ringing in the ears, tinnitus
· S
o Serological, blood study-related
o Sexually transmitted, venereal
o Sign, indication
o Sinus-related, sinusal
o Sleep walking, somnambulism
o Speech defect, dysarthria
o Sperm-killing contraceptive, spermicide
o Sublingual, under the tongue
o Substance to stop decay, antioxidant
o Substance to stop cell growth, cytostatic
o Substance to kill microorganisms, antimicrobial
o Substance obtained from something else, derivative
o Substance tending to nullify effect of another, anticoagulant
· T
o Tachyarrythmia, irregular heartbeat
o Tendinitis, inflamed tendons
o Thrombus, blood clot
o Tumour, sarcoma
· V
o Vial, small bottle
o Virus treatment, antiviral
· W
o Womb, uterus
o Worsening, degenerative
o Worsening, aggravation
· X
o Xerophthalmia, dry eyes
o Xerostomia, dry mouth

· Ad libitum (ad. Lib)- as much as wanted, freely
· Ante cibum(a.c)-before meals
· Bis in die(b.i.d.)- twice daily
· B.p- blood pressure
· H.n. –tonight
· H.s.- at bedtime
· O.D.-right eye
· O.S- left eye
· p.a- by the anus
· p.o-by the mouth
· p.c-after meals
· p.r.n.-as needed
· q.d.-everyday
· q.h.-every hour
· q.i.d.-four times daily
· sig-let it be labelled
· stat-immediately
· tab- tablet
· t.i.d.-three times daily
· T- temperature