Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2nd year... ARE YOU READY???

assalamualaikum... warga genX sekalian... perihal 2nd year,, terdpt bbrape perkara yg ign dberitahu:

no.1: Jadual da kluar!! **be the first to own it**
credit to: Haniz Iqbal Hazaidi for this 

no.2: Quick review on what we'll gonna learn... insyaAllah {for anatomy and physiology}
Anatomy: (name and no. of books)
  1. head and neck (part I & II), 2
  2. nueroanatomy, 1
  3. abdomen, 1
  4. pelvis and perineum,1
  5. special embryology (cont. from last year gen. embryology), 1
  1. medical physiology (SNS, special senses, MNS), 1
  2. kidney (from last year), 1
  3. digestion & metabolism, 1
  4. medical physiology (endocrine, reproduction), 1
  • note that in last year book> kidney, digestion & metabolism used to be in the same booklet known as: medical physiology (kidney, digestion & metabolism)... i dont really know bout this year thou... maybe it'll be in a separate booklet i guess...
important reminder!!
classes starts at 2nd of October  this coming sunday
be prepared 4 more intensive classes insyaAllah... anatomy books are available to be purchased now... other books will be up for sale insyaAllah on this coming sunday (2nd of October)

Let us strive for towards imtiyaz tis year together without any fail!!... 
**i will put up some quick review on histology & biochemistry... ASAp... insyaAllah 


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